Captivating Criminality is an annual conference directed by Dr. Fiona Peters of Bath Spa University in the UK. The first conference, Captivating Criminality: Crime Fiction, Darkness and Desire, took place in April 2014 and was a huge success. The second conference, Captivating Criminality: Traditions and Transgressions, took place in June 2015 and welcomed even more delegates. The third conference will build on the success of the first two conferences and will examine the themes of crime fiction, felony, fear and forensics.

The overwhelming success of these conferences and the associated demand for more led to the establishment in 2015 of the Captivating Criminality Network, for academics, researchers and practitioners of crime fiction. It enjoys an international membership which is growing fast, and the goal over the next academic year is to further develop the Network and its site.

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